Edison Price Maxima 38 W Track Mounted Accent Light

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  • Brand: Edison
  • Product Code: 47207

Maxima 38 W is an adjustable wallwasher designed for use with PAR-38 flood lamps (250-watt maximum). Fixture may be mounted on and powered by any of eighteen 20-amp 120-volt Edison Price Lighting track systems.
The optical assembly for Maxima 38 W consists of an internal specular reflector and a 40° x 70° spread lens. This assembly is fixed in place for precise aiming and easily removed as a unit for relamping.
A concealed swivel provides 385° horizontal rotation and vertical adjustment from 0° to 90°. The swivel is permanently tensioned, allowing Maxima fixtures to remain fixed at any aiming angle.
Maxima 38 W fixtures accept one or two of of a number of Optical Accessories including a UV filter, color filters and light reduction screens.
Maxima fixtures have seamless aluminum housings for lightweight durability and cast aluminum tops for heat dissipation. Because their track adapters are entirely concealed within the track, Maxima fixtures have an exceptionally clean appearance. Standard finish is matte white; also available in
black and Industrial Silver matte paint finishes.

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